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hello again and welcome to the spotlight they entered an art i'll be you know and today my guest is dimitri chairing the show. two years before the winter olympics in sochi about seventy percent of the big venues and infrastructure are already built and the ski slopes are already open for both tourists and press officials promise such will be ready long before the deadline but skeptics point out some serious problems so what's the latest from the coolest city on the cubs who will learn from beneath the chair of the shuttle president of the saatchi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee. from three d. graphics to reality that cook asian slow. are evolving into sporting venues some of
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them unique like this one a modern eighteen hundred meter bobsleigh a track the longest and then us to the world it's been designed for three zero am because my speed on ice disappoints the bobsled blues and skeleton on the tracks got sixteen turns and a maximum speed of around one hundred thirty five kilometers per hour as for searches ski and then years they've already had some successful high level test runs they hosted both the european and the world alpine skiing cops some of the world's best winter wrathfully it's praised the facilities include an american olympic gold medalist told miller who described it as world class. the slopes have also seen russian president dmitry medvedev showcase his skin scales there's just under two years until the search games get go and yet it seems even more highly anticipated by russians than this summer event in london which is just around the
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corner. hello dmitry welcome to the show thanks for coming in first of all are you going to learn deny you planning to go to london for the last games before your own games it's certainly over have to wear very exciting this is the last opportunity for us to learn from the successful experience of our i would say elder brothers because the sense of the successful are beautiful and then games were very inspired used as a blueprint the best practice they have and now we're learning from them and they raise the bar very high and we have a lot of thing to improve the reach of the better so they're setting the new standards you have to be to in two years that was said why is the final countdown to the london olympics practically ignored in russia today i mean in the press in the in the interview sound i mean politicians because because of the election here
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or because we are not expecting big sporting results and you know i can only convince on behalf of the games again i will deliver the product in two thousand and fourteen we're not in charge of the people aeration the. result of a national team a short visit with a room to begin to agree that the upcoming london games are sort of a bit of low profile now and in the present on no no i'm not a great absolutely no you will see that shortly when the hundredth day to go in the rosary will be widely celebrated all around the world and in russia as well it will be in my view more attention but probably for a little bit busy this all circumstances political things around you. you are in the your community is holding a competition right now and to the people who want to become volunteers at the games we've just decided with you that that my kid is too young to be a volunteer so what are the requirements who is eligible to become
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a military you're right we started our own recruitment campaign for this such a private volunteers exactly two years to the games it was on seven so february of this year and we already have broken several olympic record the first day we collected them selves and placation thirty first day pencils and now we've got more than sixty and we expect that it will be about one quarter of a million those who are really patient candidates candidates and how many do you need frankly when it just twenty solves and we can fulfill our needs only by attracting and then neighboring volunteers but we also want to give the chance and in gave all the nations through the selecting the volunteers from the all region so for russia given them the echo opportunity to participate in this
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once in a lifetime when what about foreigners what are the people fanfare from from europe when can they you know i mean a list yes and one of the first they can do that to become the volunteers in sochi we already obtained some obligations from even exotic concerts like from the kenya and from the neighboring countries of course so there are no limits. were welcome in international long tears as well and we'll all volunteers have to speak fluent english because i'm asking because it's easy it's easy for england from london but a bit russia it's a numbingly speaking country so they actually communicate. yes they have. they speak english and russian of course but. they have to be not only committed patient able to work at the games but they have to be able
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to provide to certain amount of services during the game say in the different area of course some of them should be language volunteers some of them will work on small business like translators interpreters they go right there's something in the air pretoria some of them will be walking in their protocol in their arrival and departure in the area where their. knowledge of the foreign language is not right. it's a critical for the success story of that duration of them but some of them who will be serving in the vests and cleaning on for them by very sure. it's less needed ok now not a question you are opening i just following the news right now this so-called loop it collides sites areas in a number of major russian cities so in which cities aren't putting these olympic olympic alive sites and what is it one of the four you know it's a new initiative and the first ever in the history of the olympic games yeah i did
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a bit of that through. the london games will be connected with the next host in nations like russia lives in brazil and like south korea and we alert the selected several sit this most of them just a big city like like you couldn't walk in wanting to have the life feed from the london for the local community to be able to avoid share what's going on in london and to share to share the moments of glory hopefully will follow athletes and also to be. involved in the sea must feel the london games and of course the biggest live side will be both in moscow and in sochi and the sochi in the central square in front of the harbor and see poor will be big screen and barely
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program with different activities and we also even dream to create by literal signals all the citizens of social world be able to communicate communicate with long guest visitors so it's a great initiative to get all in big cities and countries how are you going to do that during the sochi olympics for people but given that i don't believe this great nation is a successful we will be again i say the same for really and then i will use it for the next one i had a bad that it suddenly occurred to me that a russian be a producer is running an aggressive advertising campaign right now under the slogan open your search in law and so was it approved by your team and should discovering salcido should be associated with opening a can of lard. and what kind of beer producer. yeah they say oh it's
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open open sochi in london in the opening kind of beers on t.v. showing the london olympics the baltic is official partner of going to is or some such a games and everything that feeds the requirements and they shouldn't stand alone and regulation is allowed to be advertised and there is nothing wrong that they did in communications but it's true that in the area not on the sport competition venue but in this area surrounding the venue was found to be could be sold. we don't think in obstacles and so so so so. this. producing company is one of the sponsors one of the willing to invest in the. search eat two thousand and four seed has already licensed a lot of goods at this and the sale is very big throughout russia will this
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campaign allow you to raise a considerable amount of money i mean some of these these sort of bunnies and tigers and a little bit here of what it would be accurate this is my favorite. recall this is a successor of mission of the beer yeah right mascot from the moscow game so this is the grand son of the moscow games moscow years it's a polar brown there and yes it's a poor beer one in one of the three with this knowledge then with bonnie bonnie bonnie correct three of them on the highs and probably the most desirable license and product our goal is to. earn about. hols billion dollar store no other billion dollar turnover all the goodies yes and
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consider and different royalty. our profit which will reinvest into the games will be. so t three zero million dollars so so. they sold pretty well right now so i mean you can try to run to buy through the internet or put. there to decide that there are many other lessons and prove that in more than. five hundred different categories and ways spec'd that it will be increased by the games time by five thousand different kind of for goods and products memory memorable and we believe that it will be the part of the. memory that every citizen of russia could take from the games says to me three chip in the shankill president of the sochi two thousand and fourteen are going to
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spotlight will be back shortly after the break south stay with us the three of us will be back in time. she could leverage or each in the caribbean was able to build the world's most sophisticated. which doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about you
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and. this is why you should care only on the dog. welcome back to spotlight i'm al green or even just to remind you that my guest on the show today is the three chad in the shank out president of the tsotsi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee and next to the polar bear which is one of the mascots of the ellen picked by the way saatchi is the first olympics that i
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remember that has three different mascots a bear a bunny and a leopard so every person should have his favorite what's your favorite the best. you know. i am more you know this is obviously you're not supposed to have what if a i can see we're just one of them i love all three of them but my younger daughter should prefer the snow leopard she prefers. now let's talk about about the construction site about the work and saatchi that's being discussed massively today what percentage of the venues is already ready i mean opened for the public is it true that it's nearly seventy percent is it it's already done in general it's it's even more well in track and in some area even had to follow ambitious plans we just successfully passed through the first part of the hour put this to vance session and this season we successfully test the mountain cluster where all vendors
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fully already have and find a venue so i think yes i mean it will lead to rationing when they says they come by and by it's low and cross country says the ski stadium this light in center the alpine center and ski jump and so all of them are tested with this some of them it was first in the history of fresh international events like fees fine walled cup and now we've got. a track and the slopes are we ready to welcome their vans which were never held in russia before and we've got the. prize also from the infrastructure not from us but from the international airspace escalates and because of everything we're doing we're doing to give the ethyl it's a chance to perform the best in the best conditions and they were nicely surprised
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with the quality of the infrastructure and especially of the sochi slope and the slope they called magnificent and one of the most challenging in the wall he. even body miller said it's fine even despite that he was never here he is now not contend with the snow but this that he said it was ok the slope was a really aggressive was very hard. and he was very happy that finally he was the first. one of the most difficult slope in the world but you have this seventh of the. nation coming to such a hand this year what was the result what were they what were they satisfied with and did they criticize it. their partners and their friends they're not criticizing us they advise on us what to do and they control and how we're delivering our milestones and just three remain since it's a very sad to say that we were already beyond. middle and
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out of ten we're already past seven and. closer to the games where polish and some small details of the product to deliver the most outstanding and you know weight of games will move you moving so fast that we've just discovered that one of the pictures we show to to to to illustrate the what was going to was going to start you were always late even television is always late because you're always sad when we show out tell you say this hotel is only being constructed today so glad you weren't already at the it's also the day already but this is good every time i'm coming to sochi even surprising how rep of living in perth structure is growing and you can imagine my feeling being such a native spends long life there and now we're changing how dramatically.
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see how dramatically social change or some significant rule has been established recently and it's called to recognize the contributions made to sustainable development under the preparations for the saw she two thousand and fourteen olympic and paralympic winter games this is the name of this award what does sustainable sustainable development mean in this context and those who's going to get the visa once the first of all you have to know the search is the great blood form for any brave experiment in creating the new standard which will be a great legacy not only for the particular region of russia but. for all country and one of the legacy will be creating the new standard for sustainable development in many many things from the green standards in the construction and from sustainable exploding of the van with
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a reduction of the impact to the nature and with a low cost for for that the rating of the venice and so on and so chase one of the most successful case in our country with a modest standard and with the most innovative technology environmentally friendly technology which really deserve to be recognized and to be considered the new standard industrial stand there for those who will be following. the with the construction or redevelopment of the region all across russia when you talking today about they are today talking about the green standard in construction being proud of being green i remember that a couple of years ago when you started you started with the scoundrels even with clashes with environmentalists and such so can you say that today it's been put aside there's no more problems with the environment. or you still have some
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problems you have to so many on a daily basis you know things for enjoys. given a chance for them to relax. over some duty and this is good because we always got the opposite opinion but even though can confirm that my things. change into the positive side now and it's all new standards they lead to the positive changes sustainable changes in particular for the environment in the region and we minimise the impact in the area where it was impossible to avoid the impact they compensate in major and the proper control of money toward in place so you are an example that in russia the n.g.o.s fight against the system can be successful is that right no it's.
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good to ration they've got those own goals we've got our goals to minimize the impact and to demonstrate they will take the credit if you leave it to that course of. many events let's get back to supporting we seen some of seen we've seen the downhill we've seen the cross country now that many other events that will still be held in such i mean international big competition before the games themselves or yes you know this. season two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen next winter next winter but this will be already this winter yeah yeah yeah i mean for years around the corner yeah it will be in december it will be grand prix for the figure skating and we'll start to test our both cluster mountain cluster which with tested this season and because local us with twenty two different scale international level test events world cup and. another thing i know that you
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personally are somehow behind the first national classical music competition which is in full swing in russia right now does it have to do something where we will such a euro lympics so what we're talking about the cultural olympiad i suppose we've got four years period of preparation for the cultural olympiad to be held during or in parallel with the olympic games in sochi and this year is the year of music successfully started this year selecting the most brides impressive example of the russia contemporary and traditional culture for from all across russia and the best and the winners of this selection will be probably representing the region and the culture of the local community that has to when they have to fight for the right to go to south korea. already placed the huge competition and
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the great of the regions to participate in such as this cultural olympiad will what will be in parallel with the with the sporting event because those that have something to do with the deal for games are not what is or it's not a story the perils are so so so so so though for games is not the thing i mean i mean this is nothing to do the culture it's euro no olympics ok well another question i want to ask you definitely today is about corruption corruption in russia is almost legendary right but despite that your biography has stayed impeccable for all these years how do you do that is it not what you told me i here is to remember you told me that your goal is to keep all the money all the all the financial activity very transparent. is the reason why you why you managed to to do to stay away from from from any scandal at all can. it was
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a look. it's very difficult to manage the biggest construction site in the world with more than fifty five thousand constructors and billions of turnover with. suppliers and so on but look with such great interest from different bodies from the media there are no major scandals that means that this state is really control in the situation and where it should the level of efficiency and transparency. well enough not to allowed someone to earn and to make some do their thing there but i think that making it through option free i think it may be even harder then doing the job itself i mean given the circumstances in which you want it i mean let's be frank you know. my
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opinion is that. big competition and competitive competitive environment was so strong and only the biggest player could come into the market and they don't have their real goals to steal the money they've got different agenda how to deliver the infrastructure and the best possible level to demonstrate the ability to earn more so to speak or you're hearing about players about sure about you dealing with the end you know about you're dealing with corruption i'd. say that the slogan. organizing committee is the art of a possible effective very much for being with us and just to remind you that my guest today was dimitri cherishing president of the saatchi two thousand and fourteen organizing committee and that's it for now from all of us here spotlight will be back until then stay on r.t. and take your. place in person.
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well into the. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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on our team today the cracks scrolled wider in egypt's troubled election violence swells of a bad religious candidate with the ruling military sitting in the bin the only ones to benefit. hillary clinton pitches for china's support on north korea and iran but the u.s. military's asia pacific buildup and support for chinese dissidents leave beijing where. nato failed to move forward on the bureau missile defense dialogue with russia as moscow says it reserves the right to strike but if the system breaches its security. there live from moscow it's now six pm you're watching r t my name is kevin now in our top story two of egypt's leading presidential candidates a suspect.


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